“Lyle” has many hundreds of DNA matches of various degrees. Our DNA Doe Project team has been following up on as many of his top matches for which we can find or construct a family tree. With time we could get lucky and a close family member might pop up. Hence, our appeals to the public to upload to GEDmatch.com

But in the meantime we keep working with the matches we do have. We have figured out family trees for well over two dozen of them, and most of these have ancestors they share with each other. Many of these will be “Lyle’s” ancestors, too.

Our job entails going back 4 generations or more in each match’s tree, then finding all the descendants of those ancestors. We have one man in the tree with 88 grandchildren. We’re up pretty late at night!

Here again are the counties we are finding most often among the families of “Lyle’s” matches.

• Rio Arriba Co, New Mexico (a real hotspot for ancestral origins)
• Taos Co, New Mexico
• Las Animas Co, Colorado
• Huerfano Co, Colorado
• Pueblo Co, Colorado
• San Juan Co, Utah
• Silver Bow Co, Montana
• Mesa Co, Colorado

If your family is from these areas and if you or any of your relatives have done a DNA kit, It would be great if you would upload your results to GEDmatch.