DDP Data Dashboard

The DNA Doe Project has always been fanatical about transparency, providing unprecedented public access to details about our cases. This dashboard aggregates data previously located in several places into one convenient page, along with some new information never before available to the public.

Map data is currently under construction!

Case Information

Avid followers of our work will recognize the data sets below – Case Status Data was formerly contained in our “pinned post” on Facebook and Match Data is a simplified version of the data in “Public Cases” google sheet.

Don’t see all of our resolved cases in this list? You won’t find all of the 100 individuals named on our website yet. After we provide the lead and supporting evidence, there can be additional time spent securing confirmation of the identification, notifying families, and investigating the circumstances of the death before our agency partners are ready to make a public announcement.

Volunteer Hours

DNA Doe Project Volunteers use TrackItForward to log the hours they give to our cases and operations. Here are the total volunteer hours for this year to date: