To die without a name is an injustice.

At the DNA Doe Project, we work exclusively on cases of unidentified remains, and we understand the unique challenges faced by our LEO and Medical Examiner partners who carry the burden of these cases in their communities. We share the urgency to make sure that being nameless doesn’t mean being forgotten.

When you have run out of leads, investigative genetic genealogy can reinvigorate your case with information about the genetic family of your Jane or John Doe. We use SNP testing, a format that can be uploaded to databases outside of the CODIS system. Matches that we locate are used to build a family tree, allowing our experts to narrow in on the exact branch of the unidentified person. The lead we generate can be confirmed with a familial test using STR, or through other means like fingerprints and dental records if available.

Selecting the right provider of investigative genetic genealogy is your first challenge. We know the important questions to ask and the answers that you can expect from an ethical, professional provider.
Choosing the right lab for your sample matters – we can help. Our partnerships with the best labs ensure our cases are in the best hands at the best possible prices.

Getting Started with DDP


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Determine what kind of
biological sample you have.

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Tell us about your case.

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