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If you are looking for a Missing Person, please visit For Families to learn how to increase the chances your loved one could be identified.

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Volunteering with the DNA Doe Project

Our volunteers make the DNA Doe Project’s innovative approach to investigative genetic genealogy possible. It’s impactful and meaningful mission-driven work with outcomes that truly make a difference to families and communities. In five short years, we have grown to an organization with more than 100 volunteers who contribute to our success in a variety of roles. And, we’re always looking for new talent. As an organization that relies on volunteers, we understand the challenges involved with diversity and inclusion inherent to our model. We are actively seeking to recruit and retain volunteers who bring a variety of diversities to our organization.

Currently, we are fully staffed with generalist investigative genetic genealogists. If you have specialized skills in the following areas, we encourage you to apply:

  • Hispanic genealogy and Spanish-language records
  • African-American genealogy
  • Asian genealogy and Asian-languages records
  • Eastern European genealogy
  • Indigenous Peoples and First Nations genealogy
  • Jewish genealogy

As our organization grows, we are also looking for volunteer talent to help with a number of administrative roles:

  • Market research and strategy
  • Generalized administrative and project support
  • Writing – process documentation and professional articles
  • Researching – development prospects, event support, and other projects

Click here to apply.

Looking for guidance on building your skills in investigative genetic genealogy? Check out this list of resources: IGG Reading List v1.0!