For Agencies

The DNA Doe Project is a non-profit organization that uses investigative genetic genealogy to identify unknown remains. Unlike CODIS, the use of investigative genetic genealogy can identify familial matches up to about the fifth cousin range. This cutting-edge technology can help to identify John and Jane Does who were previously unidentifiable using traditional investigative methods.

We offer comprehensive services to guide your agency through the entire process. The DNA Doe Project is not a lab and we don’t take possession of DNA samples. Our Agency Liaison will work with you to choose the best labs based on the specifics of your unique case and provide you with details about how to submit your sample to your chosen lab. Once the lab work is complete, our Bioinformatics Specialist will produce a file compatible with the public genealogy databases we use for the genetic genealogical research portion of the process. That file is then uploaded to GEDmatchPro, and FamilyTreeDNA, at which point our dedicated team of volunteer investigative genetic genealogists gets to work.

The DNA Doe Project welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your John and Jane Doe cases. When contacting us, please have the following information available:

  1. Has previous DNA testing already been done?
  2. If so, who did it?
  3. Has the DNA profile been entered into CODIS?
  4. Is the case in NamUs?
  5. What remains are still available for testing?

All of this information will help our Agency Liaison guide you through the process. The single most important decision an agency can make is which lab to use for DNA extraction and/or sequencing. The DNA Doe Project can make recommendations based on the quality and quantity of the sample in your specific case. Once the remains have been shipped to one of our partner labs, our Lab Liaison will monitor progress and keep you informed each step of the way. When sequencing and bioinformatics have been completed, your case will be assigned to a team who will conduct the investigative genetic genealogical research. The Team Leaders will keep you apprised of any developments in the case and update you on a monthly basis. A comprehensive final report on our work will be provided at the conclusion of the case.

The costs of specialized lab work associated with investigative genetic genealogy can add up quickly, often topping $5,000 per case for degraded or low quality samples. Our all-volunteer team of expert investigative genetic genealogists provide their services pro bono, so you’ll never get a bill for the genealogy research, whether it takes 10 hours or 10 months to solve your case. We offer funding support options to make sure this technology is accessible to all potential clients regardless of the size or budget of the agency. Before your case begins, we’ll provide you with a firm quote estimating the actual costs involved in working on your case. We’re a non-profit, so our work is never marked up and we don’t have shareholders or venture capitalists to answer to.

The DNA Doe Project is an ethical and responsible partner to your agency, and we know why that matters to you. Integrity, communication, and transparency are important to the trust we have built with all our clients. Our work in support of your case belongs to you, and will be turned over at any time in the course of our partnership at your request.

If you’d like to explore a partnership with the DNA Doe Project on one or more of your cases, please contact us.