In 2022, the DNA Doe Project and AUDIOCHUCK, parent company of the Crime Junkie podcast, established a fund to help identify Jane and John Does.

The Department of Justice, through the NamUS system, provides funding to law enforcement and medical examiners who want to use investigative genetic genealogy to solve cases of unidentified murder victims. Grants cover the cost of lab work to develop a DNA profile and the FBI’s investigative genetic genealogy team do the research to make the identification.

But, there’s a hitch. In cases where there is no determination that the Jane or John Doe was murdered, these government resources are not available. Natural deaths, suicides, and cases where the cause of death is undetermined – these cases fall between the cracks when the custodial agency can’t afford the costs to solve them.

These are the cases AUDIOCHUCK and the DNA Doe Project are targeting with a new fund, designed to cover some or all of the expense and to provide access to the world-class team of DNA Doe Project investigative genetic genealogists.

You can join us with a gift to the AUDIOCHUCK Fund for the Unidentified today to help us return the names of these lost souls and bring them home to their families and communities.


The cases below have been partially or fully funded by the AUDIOCHUCK Fund for the Unidentified:

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