Little Lost Seabrook Doe

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In June of 1994, police in Seabrook, New Hampshire, seized a human skull from a private business. The owners claimed to have received the skull as a gift from someone who had purchased it in New York.  Based on the patina on the surface of the skull, a forensic anthropologist concluded that it had been outdoors for an extended period of time and had then been cleaned.  

The skull belonged to a girl estimated to be between 7-9 years old. The child is believed to have died 2-10 years prior. A cause of death could not be determined. In addition to DNA testing with the DNA Doe Project, testing is currently underway on a dental sample to determine where the child may have lived during his or her life.  

This case is in partnership with the New Hampshire State Police and the Forensic Anthropology Identification and Recovery Lab (F.A.I.R. Lab) at UNH.

NamUs ID: 


Date Body Found: 

June 15, 1994





Estimated Age: 

7-9 years

Estimated PMI: 

2-10 years

Agency of Jurisdiction: 

NH State Police
Detective Christopher Elphick
(603) 223-3856
[email protected]

More Information:


Research in Progress

Doe-Nate Fund Goal: $4,962

Funding for this case was provided, in part, by the AUDIOCHUCK Fund for the Unidentified.

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May 12, 2023