Lyle Stevik

Lyle Stevik

DDP is pleased to announce that our John Doe known as Lyle Stevik has finally been identified. The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office has notified his family and they are now dealing privately with their loss. They have requested that none of their names be made public. We will honor that request.

We wish to thank each and every one of our donors who helped fund the DNA testing costs for Lyle. We’d also like to thank those who have put their hearts and souls into giving Lyle his name back. We are sure you are as thrilled as we are that he has been identified, so like you, we share your disappointment that his name must now be withheld. We all want to extend our condolences, support, and compassion to his family. Those who truly care about Lyle can honor him best by respecting his family’s wishes for privacy.

We can confirm that one of his grandparents did in fact come from Rio Arriba, NM, where many of his DNA cousins’ families originated. If there is more we can share at some point, we will do so.

Unlike Buckskin girl – who was solved in 4 hours – Lyle’s case has taken hundreds of hours of hard work by a team of nearly 20 skilled and dedicated volunteers. In the end, all the DNA matches, all the trees, and all the research paid off. This took persistence, good solid genealogy and detective work.

Most of all, our success depended on the countless people who had taken direct-to-consumer DNA tests, and who had uploaded their results to GEDmatch. They weighed the risks and benefits, and happily the benefits won out. Lyle is a proof of that.

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February 12, 2018