Clark County John Doe

Clark County John Doe

On August 26, 1979 an unidentified, headless male torso was discovered by a family hunting for arrowheads in Buffalo Cave in the state’s Civil Defense Caves in Clark County east of Dubois, Idaho. Wrapped in burlap and wearing dark colored pants, white shirt with blue pin stripes and maroon sweater, the torso was buried in a shallow, 18-inch-deep grave.

Twelve years later, on March 30, 1991, a mummified hand was found partially buried on the cave floor by an 11-year-old girl exploring in the same cave system. When officials conducted more excavating in that spot, an arm and two legs were found wrapped in burlap. Despite extensive searching by volunteer staff and students from Idaho State University over the years, no other remains, including the head, have been discovered.

(Also known as: “Buffalo Cave John Doe” and “Defense Cave John Doe”.)

NamUs UP13310
Date Found August 26, 1979
Race White / Caucasian
Sex Male
Age 40
PMI 5 Years
Location Dubois, Idaho

Agency of Jurisdiction
Idaho State University
Dr. Amy Michael

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Image Credit:  Anthony Lukas Redgrave

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