Message about the Recent Changes at GEDmatch

To our supporters and volunteers,

On May 18 GEDmatch, the database we utilize, changed its Terms of Service to make opting-out the default for its members. A Gedmatch user must now consent, or opt-in, before his kit is made available for comparison to Law Enforcement kits, including those of our Does. Our understanding is that normal genealogical use of the Gedmatch database will continue but that access to law enforcement will be limited to only those users who have opted in.

Our cases have always been challenging. This is a bump in the road and they just got a little more challenging.  We are by no means giving up on any of them.  Our first step will be to upload as many of our Does to FTDNA as we can, allowing us to access their database of about a million testers.

In the meantime, we ask that EVERYONE WHO HAS UPLOADED TO GEDMATCH PLEASE LOG ON AND OPT IN!  We expect that it will take a while to build up the opt-in database to a size that is usable. But the sooner we start, and the more we spread the word, the more quickly we can get back to our mission of identifying John and Jane Does using genetic genealogy.

We are in talks with GEDmatch about these changes and will take time to give careful consideration to any and all options. Our highest priority is to fully support GEDmatch and protect this valuable resource for everyone to use.

For background on this change, and for clear instructions on how to OPT IN, please read Roberta Estes’ excellent post here: