Modern technology used to solve Valley cold cases, by staff, “ABC 15 Arizona” — Forensic genealogist Cairenn Binder is using science to identify a young woman found in the desert south of Apache Junction back in 1992

Advanced DNA technology could reveal who is “Apache Junction Jane Doe, by FOX 10 Phoenix, “FOX 10 Phoenix” — In August 1992, a teenaged girl was found dead in Apache Junction, and it was a cold case that has puzzled police for well over two decades. Now, however, police have a powerful new tool at their disposal, as advanced DNA technology may help identify the so-called “Apache Junction Jane Doe”

DNA technology could help identify ‘Apache Junction Jane Doe, Trisha Hendricks, “12 News” — On Aug. 6, 1992, a girl between the ages of 16 and 18 was found dead in a desert area south of the US 60 near Idaho Road in Apache Junction. Investigators believe she had been dead for three to five weeks at the time. “Her body was in an advanced state of decomposition,” said Cairenn Binder, a forensic genealogist with DNA Doe Project who is working with Apache Junction police to try to identify the so-called Apache Junction Jane Doe. Her work is based on DNA matches