Louise Virginia Peterson Flesher

She Was Found Strangled in a Well, and Now She Has a Name, by Sarah Zhang, “The Atlantic” — This morning, the coroner’s office announced the real name of the Belle in the Well: Louise Virginia Peterson Flesher, born on June 16, 1915, in West Virginia. She was finally identified through her DNA and genealogy by a nonprofit, the DNA Doe Project, that Nenni had contacted about the case. The nonprofit’s volunteers used the same technique that led to the arrest of the Golden State Killer suspect last spring

Update: Ohio woman’s remains identified after decades through new DNA technology, by Brittany Bivins, “19 News” — In a case solved just weeks ago, the investigators determined the identity of a Jane Doe found in rural Marion County, strangled and stuffed down a well. For nearly 40 years, she was unnamed. Now, however, DNA has linked her to living family members, allowing her to be identified as Louise Peterson Flesher. The identity of her killer is still unknown.