Barron Co John Doe 1982

On September 21, 1982 loggers sighted a pile of clothes in the woods on private land about 100 yards from the tree line near Highway 25 about 4 miles north of Ridgeland, Barron County, Wisconsin. Upon closer inspection they discovered it was actually badly decomposed human remains. About 3 feet away from the skeleton lay the skull and lower jaw. Upon conducting an autopsy the pathologist reported the deceased was a white male, between 18 and 22 years old, weighing 180 to 195 pounds, and standing 5’8 to 5’9. He had brown hair and a husky build. It is estimated the time of death was April to May 1982. Death was caused by three puncture wounds to the chest area with a sharp object that were so deep they left cut marks on the victim’s thoracic vertebra. Manner of death is homicide.

NamUs ID: UP8061
Date Body Found: September 21, 1982
Estimated Age:
Estimated PMI:
5 months
Dallas, WI

Agency of Jurisdiction
Baron County Sheriff’s Department
Mary Dexter

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Status: Identified

On January 7, 2020 the Barron County Sheriff’s Department of Barron, WI (BCSD) announced the identity of the homicide victim known as Barron Co John Doe 1982 as Kraig Patrick King of Ramsey County, Minnesota.   The DNA Doe Project, Inc. (DDP) had been working closely with BCSD since January 2019 to search for the victim’s identity through the use of genetic genealogy.

Kraig Patrick King was born in 1961 in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.  He was last seen in the fall of 1981.

Kraig Patrick King Senior Picture

Investigators believe Kraig died from stab wounds in April or May 1982, and his body was discovered on private land in Barron County, Wisconsin on September 21, 1982.

In January 2019, after unsuccessful attempts to identify the victim, the Barron County Sheriff’s Department contacted DDP.  Using pioneering genetic genealogy identification techniques DDP tentatively identified the victim in December 2019.  BCSD confirmed the identity though a match with DNA samples provided by King’s family members.   The Sheriff’s Department is now focusing their attention on solving Kraig’s murder.

The DNA Doe Project could not have identified Kraig alone and wishes to thank Special Agent Joseph Welsch, BCSD; HudsonAlpha Discovery; Justin Loe, Full Genomes Corp.; Dr. Greg Magoon, Aerodyne Research Corp.; DNA Solutions; GEDMatch; and our team of dedicated DDP volunteers for their assistance with the case.

We also thank family members for their assistance and cooperation.  Our sincere sympathies go out to them for their loss.

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May 17, 2019