Bedford NH Jane Doe 1971

Bedford NH Jane Doe 1971

On October 6, 1971 a decomposing body was found off a logging road in a wooded area near the Route 101 by-pass in Bedford, New Hampshire, an area now the site of the on-ramp from Route 101 to Kilton Road in Bedford. Forensic analysis indicated the victim was a White/Caucasian female, approximately 20 to 40 years old, between 61 and 65 inches tall, with brown hair. She wore a maroon pullover blouse with lace at the neck and short hip-hugger dungaree-type shorts. The cause of death is undetermined. Because of the location of her remains, the manner of death was determined to be homicide. The time of death was estimated to be 1 to 3 months prior to her discovery.

NamUs ID: 11273
Date Body Found: October 6, 1971
Race: White / Caucasian
Gender: Female
Estimated Age: 20-40
Estimated PMI: 3 months
Location: Bedford, NH

Agency of Jurisdiction
New Hampshire State Police
Mallory S. Littman, Trooper
[email protected]

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Status: Research in progress

Doe-Nate Fund Case:
This was a Doe-NateFunded case.  The goal of $3,500 was reached.  A major, generous donation from Celia Cachat, along with our other donors, fully funded this case.  Thank you to all who supported this case.

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