Grant Co John Doe 1989

Grant Co John Doe 1989

On April 9, 1989 human remains of a large male were found in a tobacco barn off KY State Highway 22 about 7.5 miles west of Dry Ridge near Williamstown, Kentucky. The victim was shot twice in the back of his head with a .22 caliber weapon, and he was stripped of all of his clothing. Also, his hands were severed from his arms. Forensic scientists determined the deceased to be a White/Caucasian male, 25-35 years-old, 6′ 5″ tall, and weighing approximately 220 pounds. He wore his medium brown hair in a crew cut with short sideburns. The victim died approximately two weeks prior to being found. The case is being treated as a homicide.

NamUs ID: UP86
Date Body Found: April 9, 1989
Race: White/Caucasian
Gender: Male
Estimated Age:
Estimated PMI:
Kentucky State Police

Agency of Jurisdiction
Kentucky State Police
Regina Wells, DNA Database Supervisor

Links to More Information—grant-county-kentucky

Status: Research in Progress

Image Credit: Catyana Falsetti

DDP Fund
This is a DDP Fund case.  The goal was $3,000.
Major funding for this case was provided by Patty Sullivan and we were able to reach our goal. Grant Co John Doe 1989 has been fully funded!

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February 24, 2020