Jonesport John Doe 2000

Phillip Kahn

On July 24, 2000 the partially skeletonized remains of an older man were found floating in the Atlantic Ocean between Maine and Canada 27 nautical miles off Jonesport, Maine. He was unrecognizable due to insect/animal activity. Forensic scientists determined he was White/Caucasian, possibly of mixed race, 6’2, estimated 170-190 lbs. with a thin build, and gray or partially gray hair. He had an unusual dental appliance: a removable Nesbit partial denture, and possibly was a pipe smoker. He wore typical men’s clothing, but with two pairs of white tube socks. The man died approximately 2 months prior to being discovered.

NamUs ID: UP15307
Date Body Found: July 24, 2000
Race: Mixed White / Caucasian, Other
Gender: Male
Estimated Age: 60-65
Estimated PMI: 2 months
Location: Jonesport, ME

Agency of Jurisdiction
Maine Office of Chief Medical Examiner
Lindsey Chasteen, Medicolegal Death Investigator
[email protected]

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Status: Identified

Philip Kahn

Philip Kahn courtesy of Maine OCME

 Philip Kahn’s badly decomposed body was discovered in the Atlantic Ocean in July, 2000, approximately two months after he died. But, his identity would remain a mystery until the FBI was able to confirm his identity this week. The DNA Doe Project was brought in to provide investigative genetic genealogy on the case in 2019, using a genetic profile developed by Parabon Nanolabs. 

Investigative genetic genealogy was hampered by a lack of close matches in the and databases DNA Doe Project’s volunteers have access to. In December, 2022, the Maine Office of the Chief Medical Examiner confirmed that Phillip Kahn had been identified by a fingerprint match.

Image Credit: Wesley Neville

Last Updated: January 12, 2023

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December 5, 2019