Lilydale Jane Doe 1976

Lilydale Jane Doe 1976

On June 11, 1976 the body of a woman was found floating in the Mississippi River near Lilydale, Minnesota. Exactly how long the body was in the water is unknown, but authorities estimate she died weeks earlier in 1976. Although forensic anthropologists were unable to determine her race and ethnicity, they established she was between 25-30 years old. The woman measured 5’ 8” tall and weighed an estimated 150 lbs. She was dressed in blue shorts, socks, and shoes. The cause and manner of death have not been disclosed.

NamUs ID: UP4797
Date Body Found: June 11, 1976
Race: Uncertain
Gender: Female
Estimated Age: 25-30
Estimated PMI: Weeks
Location: Lilydale, MN

Agency of Jurisdiction
Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office
Butch Huston, MD
[email protected]

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Image Credit: Background photo courtesy of Chris Juhn, Photographer; Silhouette courtesy of; Image compiled by Jack Friess, DNA Doe Project

Status: Research in Progress

DDP Fund Goal:  $3,450
DNA Doe Project has established a special fundraising campaign in order to raise money for the special lab testing required to extract DNA from the deceased’s remains, Please donate using this button. Thank you for your generous contribution to this important project.



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June 3, 2021