Plainview Jane Doe 1982

On February 16, 1982 the badly decomposed headless and nude body of a small, young White/Caucasian female was found on a dirt road in the desert outside Plainview, Hale County, Texas. The woman, found with her hands tied behind her back, was in her late teens to early twenties. Several days later, a human skull was found in the area and, having thought to be that of the woman, was buried with her in a Plainview cemetery. Subsequently, following exhumation of the body in 2015, the original determination by Pathologist Erdmann of Childress that the skull belonged to the woman was discredited.

NamUs UP53955
Date Found February 16, 1982
Race White / Caucasian
Sex Female
Age Late teens, early twenties
PMI Year(s)
Location near Plainview, TX

Agency of Jurisdiction
Texas Rangers Company C
Ranger Dean Fant

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Image Credit: Background photo by Bonnie Sinclair | Our Wander-Filled Life; Silhouette image courtesy of Clipart Library; Image compiled by Jack Friess, DNA Doe Project.

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