Scioto River John Doe 1996


On August 1, 1996, a human skull was discovered in the Scioto River behind the correctional institution in Chillicothe, Ohio. Analysis of the skull found it to be from a man, but no other information could be determined.

NamUs ID: UP91208

Date Body Found: August 1, 1996

Race: Uncertain

Sex: Male

Estimated Age: Unknown

Estimated PMI: Unknown

Agency of Jurisdiction: 

Office of the Coroner, Ross County, Ohio
Mike Ratliff
[email protected]

More Information:


Undergoing Testing

Doe-Nate Fund Goal: 


This case was part of DNA Doe Project’s pre-funding program. Funds were provided by individual donors along with a grant and budget obtained by the Ross County Office of the Coroner.


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March 8, 2023