Smith County Jane Doe 1985

Smith County Jane Doe 1985

On October 1, 1985 a highway mowing crew discovered human skeletal remains in a brush-covered gully on the south side of I-20 east of the Highway 69 N exit in Smith County, Texas. Clothes wadded in a pile next to the body included a yellow pullover shirt with the logo “Top Rail Country Music Dallas TX”; white Dickies® shorts; red bikini panties; and canvas sandals. In the soil near the body were a gold butterfly earring and a gold Pulsar wristwatch. The Crime Forensics Laboratory in Dallas determined the remains to be that of a White/Caucasian female, possibly of Indian or Polynesian descent with reddish brown hair in a ponytail; age 20-25; 5’5” to 5’ 7” tall; weighing 110-125 lbs. No cause of death could be determined. It is estimated the woman had died 12-15 months prior to being found. The location of the remains suggested to the investigator the body was purposely hidden.

NamUs ID: UP4491
Date Body Found: October 1, 1985
Race: White/Caucasian
Gender: Female
Estimated Age: 20-25
Estimated PMI: 12-15 Months
Location: Smith County, Texas

Agency of Jurisdiction
Smith County Sheriff’s Department
David Turner, Civilian Investigator
[email protected]

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Status: Research in Progress

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