Trego County John Doe 1995


On February 19, 1995, a young girl was hiking in a pasture in Trego County, Kansas, an area approximately one mile from Interstate 70 and the small town of Ogallah. As the girl approached the banks of a small, secluded pond, she discovered a human skull in the mud. Investigators located additional bones and clothing remnants scattered in the surrounding meadow.  

The man was estimated to be between 5’10”- 6’1” and 180 pounds with a muscular build.  He had shoulder-length brown hair, and his teeth had extensive, high quality dental work. A black, nylon back brace that was located near the remains indicated that he may have had an occupation that involved heavy lifting. The man is believed to have died between October and December of 1994. His cause of death could not be determined.

Based on the clothing remnants that were discovered near the remains, investigators believe that the man had been wearing bib overalls, a thick, red felt coat and a plaid shirt. One new hiking boot with a Vibram sole was also located in a ravine, a short distance from the remains. There were several hair elastics inside of one of the pockets of the overalls.

NamUs ID: UP2426

Date Body Found: 2/19/1995

Race: Caucasian

Sex: Male

Estimated Age: 35-55

Estimated PMI: Unknown

Agency of Jurisdiction: 

Kansas Bureau of Investigation
Brian Carroll
[email protected]

More Information:

Status: Undergoing Testing

Image Credit: Image from NamUS record

Last Updated: October 5, 2022

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October 5, 2022