New Complication In Identifying Grundy County ‘Jane Doe’, by Steve Miller, “WBBM NewsRadio” — Johnson is hopeful that later this month, a group called the DNA Doe Project will enter the woman’s DNA into GEDmatch, a database that is somewhat diminished. Last month, organizers changed their terms of service and required people to opt-in to allow sharing of their DNA profile. This makes it potentially harder to find a matching relative

Ancestry Sites Employed To Crack 43-Year-Old Cold Case, by Phil Rogers and Courtney Copenhagen, “5 Chicago” — Last December, the coroner had (Grundy County) Doe’s body exhumed, and a sample was removed for DNA analysis. Johnson enlisted the help of the DNA Doe Project, which uses the massive databases of modern ancestry sites to attempt matches with unidentified people. “We identify John and Jane Does using the same genetic genealogy that has been used to help adoptees find their birth parents,” says Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick, DNA Doe’s co-founder. “We’ve solved cases based on third cousins, or even more distant.”