Marcia Kaylynn Bateman

Police seek help after ‘I-196 Jane’ identified in 31-year-old cold case, by Ryan Boldrey, “MLive” — Utilizing grant funds from area business Kalamazoo Mortgage, the state police sent off a femur belonging to Bateman to be tested for DNA. Once results were in, the DNA Doe Project, which specializes in helping find John and Jane Does through linking DNA and genealogy, began its research. Bateman’s DNA was run against thousands of people. “We found out in August 2018 that it was likely Marcia Bateman and then we were able to confirm earlier this month that, yes, it is her,” Ernestes said. “DNA was the only way to do it, because we didn’t have prints and there were no old dental records on file.”

Woman named in 1988 Michigan cold case; manner of death still unclear, by Kim Shine, “16 News Now” —  It’s a break in the 1988 cold case of a woman found dead near a Michigan interstate. State police now know her name but still can’t say how she died. On Monday, detectives identified Marcia Kaylynn Bateman to the media. But for decades they called her “I-196 Jane”