New DNA method might identify body found in Rock County, by Frank Schultz, “GazetteXtra” — A body found along Turtle Creek near Clinton in 1995 might finally be identified by tapping the DNA Doe Project to compare the man’s DNA to DNA records in a genealogy database.

New hope in search for identity of body found in 1995 in Rock County, by Frank Schultz, “Gazette Xtra” – Rock County Sheriff Troy Knudson confirmed Monday the sheriff’s office is working to confirm a tentative DNA identification of a body known as John Clinton Doe. The DNA Doe Project announced a tentative match last week.

Genetic genealogy organization says it has identified John Clinton Doe, by Jennifer Kliese, “27 WKOW” — A volunteer-run organization working to identify remains across the country posted on its website saying their new methods helped tentatively identify John Clinton Doe, calling the case a success story. “It was a small, dedicated team who worked very efficiently and very well together,” said DNA Doe Project co-founder Margaret Press. The organization uses genetic genealogy to help law enforcement agencies identify remains

John Clinton Doe’s real name? Public could be told soon, by Frank Schultz, “GazetteXtra” — Authorities have a name that could belong to a body that has been unidentified for more than 20 years. But they’re not going to release that name to the public, at least not yet