Joseph Newton Chandler III (Robert Ivan Nichols)

U.S. Marshals release name of man who stole Joseph Newton Chandler’s identity, by Jonathan Jankowski, “Cleveland 19 News” WOIO — Investigators said the man living under the name of Joseph Newton Chandler III was actually Robert Ivan Nichols

Authorities solve cold case of war hero who hid behind dead boy’s identity, by John Caniglia, — Authorities said Thursday they have solved one of the most bizarre cold cases in Northeast Ohio: the identity of a war hero who spent the last 24 years of his life hiding as someone else

DNA Doe Project Names Another, Giving Major Piece in Infamous Ohio Mystery, by Seth Augenstein, “Forensic Magazine” — After an elderly man commits suicide in his Eastlake, Ohio apartment in July 2002 police attempt to notify next of kin, and to find a beneficiary of the $82,000, but,are surprised to discover “Chandler” was really an 8-year-old boy who had died in a car crash in Texas in 1945

Real name of mystery man who died in 2002 revealed, by Mark Gillispie, The Associated Press — When a man named Joseph Newton Chandler III put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger in his apartment outside of Cleveland in 2002, he left behind $82,000 in a bank account and an enduring mystery about his actual identity that’s been finally solved with the help of forensics, genealogy and old-fashioned sleuthing

He stole the identity of a dead 8-year-old. Police want to know what he was hiding from, by Kyle Swenson, “The Washington Post” — For the past 16 years, speculation about the dead man’s identity has stumped law enforcement. Wild theories have wrapped around the case — could he have been the Zodiac Killer? Mysterious hijacker D.B. Cooper? Why was he hiding behind the stolen identity?