Terry Deggs

The mystery of the man in the Mill Creek shed is solved, by Caleb Hutton, “HeraldNet” — Nathaniel Terrence Deggs real name remained a mystery until volunteers at DNA Doe Project cracked the case over the past 1½ years. Amateur genealogist Jenny Lecus, 35, grew obsessed with the nameless man. “He was my first and last thought every day for 19 months,” Lecus said Friday. If she listened to music, she’d wonder what songs he listened to. She wondered about his likes and habits, and what kind of stories he would tell. In large part thanks to hundreds of hours of sleuthing by Lecus, the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office is officially releasing the man’s name Monday

Case solved: North Creek man’s remains finally identified, by Emily Gilbert, “Mill Creek Beacon” — After 1,900 hours and a team spanning the country, the skeletal remains found on a North Creek property in January 2015 were identified as Nathaniel Terrence “Terry” (Davies) Deggs from New York. He had been living in a shed on the property for decades. He was known by a few people in Mill Creek as “Jerry.”