San Mateo trans cold case gets renewed attention after 35 years, by Alex  Madison, “The Bay Area Reporter” — A San Mateo 1983 cold case involving the murder of an unidentified possible trans woman has garnered renewed attention thanks to a Trans Doe Task Force at the DNA Doe Project. The victim, who was found within hours of their death, was reportedly stabbed, strangled, and had their wrists slit, according to Anthony Redgrave, DNA Doe Project team lead for the cold case. The nonprofit, all-volunteer organization uses genetic genealogy to identify unknown victims of homicides.

Sleuths Are Haunted by the Cold Case of Julie Doe, by Sarah Zhang, “The Atlantic” — Earlier this year, DNA Doe Project genealogists tentatively made the first ID in a Trans Doe Task Force case called Pillar Point Doe. The victim, who was found stabbed and strangled in Half Moon Bay, California, in 1983, was originally identified as a male in women’s clothing. The sheriff’s office has not announced the person’s identity publicly yet, and Lee Redgrave said the group would wait for the sheriff’s investigation to wrap up before digging further into Pillar Point Doe’s identity as potentially trans, to avoid affecting the official police work.