[PRESS RELEASE] Identification of Lyle Stevik, Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office — A press release announcing the identification of Lyle Stevik

DNA Doe Project IDs 2001 Motel Suicide, Using Genealogy, by Seth Augenstein, “Forensic Magazine” — The DNA Doe Project, one of the first groups to apply forensic genealogy to criminal investigations nationwide, identified the victim of one of the most notorious 1980s cold cases last month, and now they have identified a motel suicide from 2001, using only the DNA to track down the surviving family members

Lyle Stevik identified; closing 16 1/2 year old unsolved case, by Michael Ullery, “Troy Daily News” — The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office identified the man known only as “Lyle Stevik” through unorthodox DNA technology

Dead man found in Washington state, who had ties to N.M., ID’d through DNA, by Sami Edge, “Santa Fe New Mexican” — A young man who died alone in a Washington state motel room almost 17 years ago, booking the room under a pseudonym and leaving behind no identification after taking his own life, finally has been identified, with the help of internet sleuths who determined his DNA showed ties to Northern New Mexico

Man Who Committed 2001 Suicide in Amanda Park Under False Name, Lyle Stevik Identified, by Dave Haviland, (KBKW) — Earlier this year, the Sheriff’s Office and the Grays Harbor County Coroner’s Office were contacted by Margaret Press and Colleen Fitzpatrick, co-founders of the non-profit DNA Doe Project who offered to fund the analysis of “Lyle’s” DNA with the hopes of identifying possible family members. Through their organization, about 20 volunteers worked hundreds of hours on “Lyle’s” identification since obtaining his DNA results on March 22

Man found dead in Amanda Park motel in 2001 positively identified as California man, “The Daily World” — A man who checked into an Amanda Park motel under the false name Lyle Stevik before taking his own life in September of 2001 has been identified through DNA testing as a 25-year-old California man, according to Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate.

Internet sleuths, DNA link John Doe to Northern New Mexico, by Sami Edge, “Santa Fe New Mexican” — The mystery of a man known only as Lyle Stevik — believed to be an alias — started in September of 2001, when authorities in Grays Harbor County, Wash., responded to an emergency call from the Lake Quinault Inn in the tiny town of Amanda Park

After 17 years it was proven: ”Lyle Stevik’s” death not related to the attack, “Kav Press” — His family thought he was alive, 17 years after he was found dead in a hotel room with a note

Lyle Stevik, Wikipedia.com — Lyle Stevik was the alias used by a formerly unidentified man who, in 2001, committed suicide by hanging in an Amanda Park, Washington, motel. He had checked into his room as Lyle Stevik, possibly using a name based on the name of a character from Joyce Carol Oates’ novel You Must Remember This (1987). On May 8, 2018, it was announced that “Lyle” was identified after almost 17 years with assistance from a non-profit organization called the DNA Doe Project. The man was 25 years old when he died, and had previously resided in California. His relatives requested that his identity be withheld