Dana Nicole Lowrey
DNA Doe Project close to identifying woman likely killed by confessed Ohio serial killer, by Brittany Bivins, “19 News” – A cold case in Marion County, linked to confessed serial killer Shawn Grate, may be closer than ever to being solved. The DNA Doe Project, a non-profit organization that works to identify unidentified people and reunite families, has taken on the case

DNA Doe Project Closer To Identifying Shawn Grate Victim, by Jesse Smith, “WMFD” – Volunteer researchers at the DNA Doe Project are one step closer to discovering the identity of a woman who is believed

Ohio victim of serial killer identified 12 years after her body was found, by Dylan Sams, “The Columbus Dispatch” – Twelve years after her bones were discovered, a Marion County woman who serial killer Shawn Grate admitted to killing has been identified. The woman was identified as Dana Nicole Lowrey, 23, of Minden, Louisiana, said Marion County Sheriff Tim Bailey during a news conference Tuesday. Lowery’s remains were found in Salt Rock Township in Marion County on March 10, 2007, and police said Grate killed her in May 2006

Officials identify remains of woman believed to be Shawn Grate’s first victim, by Brittany Bailey, “10TV WBNS” – The Marion County Sheriff’s Office identified the remains of a woman believed to be convicted serial killer Shawn Grate’s first victim. Sheriff Tim Bailey says her name was Dana Nicole Lowrey, a 23-year-old from Louisiana

Marion County ‘Jane Doe’ identified; convicted killer Shawn Grate confessed to her murder, by Drew Scofield, Olivia Fecteau, “News 5 Cleveland” – A Jane Doe whose body was found in Marion County in 2007 has been identified, and police have confirmed she was a victim of convicted killer Shawn Grate. The woman has been identified as Dana Nicole Lowrey.

Marion County officials ID remains of woman believed to be Shawn Grate victim from 2006, by Sarah Volpenhein, “Marion Star” — Dana Nicole Lowrey, of Minden, Louisiana, has been identified as the woman whose skeletal remains were found in 2007 off Victory Road north of Marion, a case that had stumped Marion County detectives until recently when a team of genetic genealogists cracked open the case and solved her identity

Convicted serial killer Shawn Grate arraigned on new murder charges in Marion County, by Brittany Bailey, “WBNS 10TV” — Investigators believe Grate killed Lowrey in May of 2006 and that she was his first victim. But it took years to determine her identity. It wasn’t until 2016 when investigators got a break in the case – from Grate himself. He told investigators the woman’s name may have been Dana or Diana. That tip, plus work from Project LINK and the DNA Doe Project, eventually led to Lowrey’s daughters, who provided DNA that ultimately confirmed her identity

Update: Ohio woman’s remains identified after decades through new DNA technology, by Brittany Bivins, “19 News” — In May 2019, their work identified a Jane Doe discovered in Marion County, Ohio, back in 2007. Convicted serial killer Shawn Grate admitted to killing her back in 2006, but said he didn’t know her name. The DNA Doe Project used familial DNA to determine she was Dana Lowrey, who was missing from Minden, Louisiana

Story No. 8 of 2019: Conviction for Shawn Grate in first murder in Marion, victim named, by Sarah Volpenhein, “Marion Star” — Twelve years after her remains were found, this year investigators identified the victim as 23-year-old Dana Nicole Lowrey, a Louisiana mother of two, and obtained a fifth murder conviction against Grate, 43