Alachua Co John Doe

Alachua Co John Doe

On 13 February 1979, the skeletal remains of a white male, approximately 22 to 40 years old were found under a tree in the woods adjacent to State Road 236 in Alachua County, Florida.  Brown lace-up shoes, brown pants, a light-colored short sleeve shirt, and a light blue windbreaker jacket were found nearby along with a noose. Anthropological analysis determined the man was likely muscular and a little under 5’6” tall with a light complexion, and blonde or reddish hair.

NamUs                 UP5286
Date Found        February 13, 1979
Race                      White
Sex                         Male
Age                        22-40 Years
PMI                        6-12 months
Location               Alachua County, Florida

Agency of Jurisdiction
Alachua County Sheriff’s Office
Detective Kevin Allen

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Undergoing Testing. Since May, 2018 DNA Doe Project made a number of attempts at bone extraction in the case of Alachua County John Doe (1978).  It became so difficult to obtain enough DNA we decided to make this case a pilot study to determine the efficacy of amplification and enrichment for our other cases with low quantity/low-quality samples.

DDP Fund Goal: $1,530

The additional lab work was a DDP Fund  The goal was: $1530

Current raised amount: $841

Thanks to the generosity of the Dyer Family Foundation and the listeners of Crime Junkie Podcast we are able to top off our goal for Alachua Co John Doe! He is fully funded.

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March 9, 2019