Anaheim Jane Doe

Anaheim Jane Doe


Anaheim Jane Doe was a teenager age 15-19 who died about two months before her nude, nearly skeletonized remains were found on August 30, 1987 near Anaheim, CA.

She was found fifty feet off the side of Santa Ana Canyon Road, right off of the heavily-traveled 91 freeway in the affluent Orange County, California suburb of Anaheim Hills.  Her remains were scattered in a 50×50 foot grassy area.  Searchers found handfuls of blond/brown hair, but no clothes, pocketbook, car keys nor other clues to her identity.  A red handkerchief and length of cord were found near the body.  An autopsy on the woman’s remains could not determine a definitive cause of death, but defects in two ribs were found, consistent with penetrating stab wounds.  A forensics team estimated her height to be 5’1 – 5’4 with a slender physique, high cheekbones, and long straight blonde/brown hair.  She had a chipped front tooth and 6 missing teeth.  It is believed that she may have been a runaway.  The case is being handled as a homicide.

Agency of Jurisdiction

Orange County Coroner’s Office
Kelly Keyes

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DDP Status

DNA from “Anaheim Jane Doe” was successfully analyzed using genetic genealogy and an identification made on Nov 14, 2018. Her identity is being withheld pending agency confirmation.

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August 17, 2018