Orange Socks Doe

Orange Socks Doe

On October 31, 1979 the nude body of a woman was found face-down in a culvert along I-35 in Georgetown, Texas, north of Austin.  She had been sexually assaulted and was strangled.  Along with a  pair of orange socks, she also wore a pearl-stone ring.  Later she became known only as “Orange Socks”.  It was determined the woman was age 15-30,  5’8 – 5’10, and 140 – 160 pounds.  Her teeth were in very good condition and there was no evidence of dental work or cavities.  She had long brown hair.  Serial killer Henry Lee Lucas confessed to the victim’s murder in 1982 and was sentenced to death; he recanted his confession shortly thereafter.  Orange Socks is buried in a grave marked “Unidentified Woman” in Georgetown, Texas.

NamUs               UP13838
Date Found        October 31, 1979
Race                    White / Caucasian
Sex                      Female
Age                      15-30
PMI                     24 Hours
Location             Georgetown, Texas

Agency of Jurisdiction
Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, Cold Case Unit
John Pokorny , Sergeant 

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Image Credit:  NCMEC