Kentucky Jane Doe 2001

Kentucky Jane Doe

October 9, 2001 a survey crew found the partially skeletonized remains of a white woman some distance off the shoulder of the northbound lane of Interstate 65 about 12 miles north of the Kentucky-Tennessee state line just north of Nashville, TN.  It was determined the woman had died 2-8 weeks prior to discovery.  She was 25-35 years old and was 5’6″ tall.  She had long (12-14 inches), wavy light reddish-brown to reddish-blond hair.  The woman had several missing or severely decayed teeth, the result of poor dental health.  She had a healed fracture of the upper right arm, near her shoulder.  She also had a healed broken rib. On her left breast was an outline from a rose tattoo. She may have had prior pregnancies and actually may have been pregnant at the time of her death. She had a scar on her face and right wrist.  She was wearing a white or tan shirt, blue cotton shorts, and black sandals.  On the ground near the body two rings were found–one a gold band, similar to a wide wedding ring.

Subsequent Stable Isotope Analysis (SIA) conducted on the remains revealed the woman spent significant time during adolescence in the Great Lakes or New England region of the US.  Further SIA analysis determined that closer to her death she may have spent time in mid-West or mid-Atlantic regions.

Agency of Jurisdiction
Kentucky State Police
Regina Wells, DNA Database Supervisor

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