Alfred Jake Fuller

Alfred Jake Fuller

On May 2, 2014  “Alfred Jake Fuller” was found dead of an undisclosed cause and manner in his apartment at 58 Main Street, Oakland, Kennebec County, Maine.  Law enforcement does not believe it is his real name.  He had no state issued identification and there was no record in any database of a man with that name (“Alfred Jake Fuller”) with the date of birth (11/08/1970) he provided on his “lease agreement”.  The only ID in the apartment was a “Bail Enforcement Agent” card and US Marshall’s office had no one by that name.

He was age 40-46,  5′ 10″ inches, and 255 lbs.  He had light brown and gray curly hair 2-3 inches in length, with a very short mustache and goatee.  He had a blue discoloration over left anterior cheek, and a large mole along spine, between shoulder blades.  He wore blue sweatpants, white sneaker-type socks which were gray with dirt, green t-shirt, and a blue zipped jacket.  He wore a large round pendant with compass points on a cord and a large cross on a white metal chain.

Agency of Jurisdiction
Maine Office of Chief Medical Examiner
Lindsey Chasteen

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DDP Status

DNA from Alfred Jake Fuller was successfully analyzed using genetic genealogy and an identification made on Dec 13, 2018. His identity is being withheld pending agency confirmation.

Photo Reconstruction Credit: Carl Koppelman

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November 3, 2018