Baker Co John Doe 1995

Baker Co John Doe

On September 5, 1995 a dog out for a run in a wooded area along Lewis Covin Road and State Road 121 in Maclenny, Florida, returned to its owner a human skull. Days later the dog brought back a human femur. Authorities were never able to pinpoint exactly where the remains were found. The forensic anthropologist who examined the remains determined they were from a White male, over 25 years of age. The bones showed no evidence of trauma. No teeth or even root structure were present in the skull. Subsequent DNA comparison determined the bones to be from the same individual. Authorities estimate the remains had been in the woods for approximately six months after the man died, putting his death sometime in early 1995.

NamUs ID: UP2350
Date Body Found: September 5, 1995
Race: Hispanic
Gender: Male
Estimated Age: Over 25
Estimated PMI: Months
Location: Maclenny, FL

Agency of Jurisdiction
Baker County Sheriff’s Office, Detective Division
David Mancini, Lieutenant
[email protected]

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Status: Research in Progress

Image Credit: Background photo and silhouette compliments of Jack Friess; image compiled by Jack Friess, DNA Doe Project.

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December 29, 2021