Rock Co John Doe 1981

Rock County John Doe 1981

On March 13, 1981, while clearing out a concrete culvert at I-90 and Rocky City Road 23 in Beaver Creek Township, Minnesota, a department of transportation worker found human skeletal remains. The ditch and culvert were last cleaned on October 21, 1980, and no remains were noted at that time. The skeleton was clothed in green work pants, boxer shorts, green socks, and light tan engineer-type boots. Forensic investigators determined the remains were that of a White/Caucasian male, 30-50 years old, and approximately 5’7” tall. It is estimated the man died some months before being found, probably in late 1980.

NamUs ID: UP11523
Date Body Found: March 13, 1981
Race: White/Caucasian
Sex: Male
Estimated Age: 30-50
Estimated PMI: Months
Location: Beaver Creek Township, MN

Agency of Jurisdiction
Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office
Butch Huston, MD
[email protected]

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Status: Research in Progress

Doe-Nate Fund Goal: $2,900

DNA Doe Project has established a special fundraising campaign in order to raise money for the special lab testing required to extract DNA from the deceased’s remains. Please donate using this button. Thank you for your generous contribution to this important project.


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January 30, 2022