Franklin Co John Doe 2007



On May 30, 2007, an individual fishing in the Scioto River found the body of an adult Caucasian/Hispanic male. The area of the river where the man was located was near the Dublin Road water treatment plant west of downtown Columbus, Ohio.  Based on the condition of the remains, investigators believe he may have been in the water days to weeks prior to being located.  

The individual was estimated to be 25-40 years old, between 5’7” and 5’10”, weighing 125-145 pounds. He had black hair, unknown eye color, overlapping front teeth, a 1” scar on his right forehead, and a crooked nose.  There was no evidence of prior dental work or surgeries. 

His clothing consisted of a gray “Career Club” long-sleeved, button-up shirt, tan “LL Bean” pants (women’s size 8) and one brown “Earth Shoe” (size 10).  

His cause of death was undetermined; however, due to his lack of injuries, he is believed to have drowned accidentally or by suicide.

NamUs ID: UP616

Date Body Found: May 30, 2007

Race: Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino

Gender: Male

Estimated Age: 25-40

Estimated PMI: weeks

Agency of Jurisdiction: 

Franklin County Coroner’s Office

W. Curtis Thomas

(614) 525-5290

[email protected]

More Information:

Status: Research in Progress

Image Credit: Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation

Doe-Nate Fund Goal: $2,525

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August 3, 2022