Lime Lady Doe

Lime Lady Doe

On April 18, 1980 fishermen found the nude body of an 18-25-year-old white female on the bank of the North Canadian River, east of Jones, Oklahoma, about 20 miles east of Oklahoma City.  She had been shot several times in the chest with a .45 caliber handgun.  Although found without clothes, investigators believe she was dressed at the time of the murder as a dime was hit by a bullet and driven into her body.  Her height and weight were estimated at 5′ 7 and 115 lbs.  On her left breast she had a red and blue tattoo of a heart with a scroll.  After being dumped, her body was completely covered with lime to enhance decomposition, however the incorrect lime had been used and it actually helped preserve the body.  Over the years she became known as “Lime Lady”.

NamUs                 UP4897
Date Found        April 18, 1980
Race                      White / Caucasian
Sex                         Female
Age                        18-25
PMI                        Months
Location               Jones, Oklahoma

Agency of Jurisdiction
Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office
Captain Bob Green, Investigations Division

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Research in Progress.  Extra sequencing techniques were applied to obtain usable data.

Photo Credit:  Carl Koppelman

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February 18, 2019