Mowry Wetlands Jane Doe

On October 24, 1985 the remains of an unidentified white female were discovered in a field next to Mowry Avenue, Newark, California. The remains consisted of a nearly complete skeleton with some reddish brown hair and scalp. The victim had been shot and had died approximately six months prior to being found. Forensic anthropologists determined the woman was an adult between the ages of 30 and 36 years old who stood 5’6” to 5’8” tall. Among the items found with her were barrettes, a watch, and earrings. In addition, the victim had a ring on her left ring finger and one on her left pinkie finger.

NamUs ID: UP53306
Date Body Found: October 24, 1985
Race: White/Caucasian
Gender: Female
Estimated Age: 30-36
Estimated PMI: years
Location: Newark, CA

Agency of Jurisdiction
Newark Police Department
Detective Andrew Musantry
[email protected]

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Status: Research in Progress

Image Credit: Kim Parkhurst. Note: Image is an approximation based on partial skeletal remains and is not intended to be an exact likeness.

Last Updated: September 6, 2023

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April 2, 2020