Pulaski Co Jane Doe

Pulaski Co Jane Doe

On May 25, 1981, authorities recovered a body of an unidentified, deceased white female from a low water crossing off Highway MM north of Dixon, MO. The woman, estimated to be between age 25-40, had suffered trauma to her face and had been strangled with pantyhose. Her death is considered homicide. The woman’s race is undetermined, possibly White with a mixture of Native American or Hispanic. The victim was likely born in the United States and had probably lived in Missouri for only a few years before her death, based on an analysis of strontium and lead in the her body. She most likely grew up in Southeastern US. When found she was wearing clothes, but no shoes were located.

NamUS ID               UP10222
Date Body Found May 25, 1981
Race                      White or Hispanic
Gender                 Female
PMI                       1 Day
Location               Dixon, MO

Agency of Jurisdiction
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office
D.J. Renno

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Status: Research in Progress

DDP Fund:
This was a DDP Fund case.  The goal was $2,300.
Thanks to the generosity of the Dyer Family Foundation and the listeners of Crime Junkie Podcast we were able to top off our goal for Pulaski Co Jane Doe!  She was fully funded.

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May 6, 2019