Saginaw Co John Doe 1973

unknown John Doe

On March 13, 1973 the body of a young, white male was found floating in the Saginaw River in Zilwalkee Township, Saginaw County, Michigan. The man was dressed in a green sweater with a zipper, brown pants over red flannel long underwear, and heavy brown socks. Over his clothes he wore a black leather jacket. At autopsy the forensic pathologist estimated his age was 25-35 years old. He stood about 5’9” tall and weighed about 190 pounds. The man had wavy, medium-length, brown hair, and his eyes were possibly gray or light blue. Authorities estimate he had died about 6 weeks prior to being found in early 1973.

NamUs ID: UP11776
Date Body Found: March 13, 1973
Race: White/Caucasian, Possibly Hispanic
Gender: Male
Estimated Age: 25-35
Estimated PMI: 6 weeks
Location: Zilwalkee Township, MI

Agency of Jurisdiction
Michigan State Police, Intelligence Operations Division
Hanna Friedlander, Human Remains Analyst
[email protected]

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Last Updated: May 20, 2022

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May 20, 2022