Lavender Doe

Lavender Doe

Lavender Doe was discovered on October 29, 2006, in Kilgore, TX by two men target shooting on an oil lease off Fritz Swanson Road near Highway 31. Her body was found face down on a burning woodpile, with a gas can nearby.

Due to the state of her remains, her exact cause of death was undetermined; however, law enforcement officials are investigating her death as a homicide.  She was also presumably raped, as semen was found at the scene.

Lavender Doe was believed to be recently deceased, between 17 to 25 years old, estimated 5’3 to 5’5, and weighing approximately 96-120 pounds. Two of her deciduous teeth remained, which is considered a strong distinguishing characteristic due to her age. She was found wearing a lavender sweater, the origin of her nickname. She was also wearing a pair of “One Tuff Jeans” with a total of forty dollars in her pocket, but no identification.

In August 2018, a person of interest confessed to the victim’s murder, as well as that of a former girlfriend.  He stated her name may have been “Ashley” during life.  She may have been seen alive at a Walmart store in Longview, Texas.   Many have commented on her “perfect smile.”

Agency of Jurisdiction
Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office
Kelly Maguire

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DDP Status
DDP announced on 1/29/19 that Lavender Doe has been identified. At the request of the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office  her name will not be released at this time due to the pending trial.

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Photo Reconstruction Credit: Carl Koppelman

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August 21, 2018