Sheep Flat Jane Doe

Sheep Flat Jane Doe

In 1982, Sheep Flat Jane Doe (also known as Washoe County Jane Doe) was shot and murdered on a hiking trail in the area near Mount Rose in rural Nevada.

There appeared to be two sets of footprints which spanned from the parking area to the spot where her body was later discovered, but only one set of prints could be discerned returning to the auto and beyond to the highway.

No one remembers seeing the woman now known as Sheep Flat Jane Doe prior to her murder, and her autopsy revealed that her last meal was a salad.

Earlier theories entertained the possibility that Sheep Flat Jane Doe was possibly of European descent because of her dental work and the scars left by previous immunizations. An in-depth dental analysis in 2010 ruled out this theory. Other forensic analysis revealed that Sheep Flat Jane Doe had likely spent time in the Western United States.

Sheep Flat Jane Doe was laid to rest at Our Lady of Sorrows in Reno, NV.

PHOTO CREDIT; Carl Koppelman