Butler County Jane Doe, Cincinnati OH

Butler County Jane Doe, Cincinnati OH

On a snowy March 7th day in 2015, children playing in the woods off Tylersville Road in West Chester, Butler County, Ohio found a human skull.  The remainder of the skeletal remains were later recovered and were determined to be a white female.  She probably had been there since the previous fall.

Her teeth showed expensive dental work, including some unique dental implants, that did not help investigators to identify her.  Her hair was brown with some gray in it, with strands measuring between 6 and 12 inches in length.  White, short-sleeved pullover with thin red and blue stripes.  Other items recovered near her remains were expensive SAS black shoes, an inexpensive blouse, Faded Glory blue jeans, glasses, and a fanny pack with chapstick and a lighter from a bull riding event.

The forensic anthropologist determined the woman had been about 35-60 years old and approximately 5’6.  She had pregnancy scars indicating the birth of at least one child.  Her DNA didn’t match profiles in the usual databases.  Facial reconstruction (image above) shows what the Butler County Jane Doe might have looked like.

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Image courtesy of Butler County Coroner’s office.

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May 22, 2018