Jackson Co MI Doe

Jackson Co MI Doe

On August 30, 1978 the body of an individual was found in a garbage bag on the side of Clear Lake Road north of Interstate 94, in the Waterloo State Recreation Area in Jackson County, Michigan. The deceased, probably between 20 and 45 years old, is listed on NamUs as a Black female; however, DNA work prior to listing indicated the victim was born a Black male. The skeletal remains were found dressed in women’s clothing, wearing a wavy auburn collar-length wig. The victim was approximately 5’2 to 5’9 tall, was estimated to weigh 130 lbs, and had a sizable scar on the right shoulder. Because the deceased was found with another victim who was later identified as being from the Detroit area, detectives believe the unidentified individual may also have been from the Detroit metro area.

This case was referred to DDP by the Trans Doe Task Force.

NamUs ID: UP8182
Date Body Found: August 30, 1978
Race: Black / African American
Estimated Age: 20-45
Estimated PMI: Months
Location: Jackson County, MI

Agency of Jurisdiction
Michigan State Police
Hanna Friedlander, Human Remains Analyst,
[email protected]

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Status: Research in Progress

Image Credit: Jane Wankmiller

Last Updated: July 2, 2021

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January 27, 2021