West Manchester John Doe 2013

West Manchester John Doe 2013

On November 18, 2013 tree trimmers stumbled upon a human skeleton on the side of the road at the busy intersection of Haviland Road and Loucks Road in West Manchester Township, York, Pennsylvania. The bones were that of a White male and either Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic or a combination of the three. Forensic scientists estimated he was 30-50 years old and stood 5’3 to 5’10. Evidence of trauma on the bones led officials to classify the death as homicide. Investigators found with the remains a partial upper denture plate belonging to the man. Based on isotope testing of the bones, investigators believe the man lived in the US as a youth, most likely in the southern states.

NamUs UP12047
Date Found November 18, 2013
Race White/Caucasian or Hispanic
Sex Male
Age 30-50 Years
PMI 3 years
Location York, PA

Agency of Jurisdiction
West Manchester Township Police
Officer Lance E. Krout

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August 6, 2019