Vicky Dana Doe

Vicky Dana Doe

On March 10, 2007 human remains were found by a man collecting cans along a farm lane off Victory Road just south of Linn-Hipsher Road in Grand Prairie Township, Marion, Ohio. A forensic anthropologist determined the remains were of a woman between 15 and 24 years old who stood approximately 5’6 with brown hair.

In September, 2016 Shawn Grate, a suspected Ohio serial killer, confessed to abducting and stabbing the young white female and tossing her body along the road. He said the young woman had been conducting door-to-door sales and, when she allegedly cheated Grate’s mother, he got mad and killed her. Grate said her name could have been Diane, Diana, or Dana. Scientists determined she could have grown up in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida or Georgia.

NamUs UP4725
Date Found March 10, 2007
Race White / Caucasian
Sex Female
Age 15-24
PMI 1-5 years
Location Grand Prairie Township, OH

Agency of Jurisdiction
Marion County Sheriff’s Office
Christy Utley, Lieutenant
740-382-8244 x5120

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Image Credit: Carl Koppelman